Dear Ms. Client who no-showed last Friday...

I'd like to tell you what happened after you decided my time was not worth even calling to let me know that you were not coming to your appointment that you asked me to reserve exclusively for you.

When you called to make an appointment, I explained our cancellation policy in detail; we have to charge you $100 in order to reserve your booking, however, if you decide to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours in advance, your deposit is fully refundable. You seemed to understand because you were willing to give us your credit card number so we can charge $100. On Friday, at your appointment time, I waited and waited. We called your number but you didn't pick up. You must have had something much better than your $100 deposit.

The next day, you called us and left a voicemail asking me to call you back, which I did. On the phone, you told me that you called our number 4 times on Friday. I asked if you left a voicemail and you said you didn't, because you didn't know that you were supposed to do that. Yet, you apparently knew what to do because you did leave a voicemail on Saturday. We'd love to answer every phone call, but sometimes our business gets busy and cannot get to the phone in time. That is why we have voicemail system in place. If you had left a voicemail on Friday, like you did on Saturday, we would have been happy to call you back.

You then explained that you could not make it to your appointment on Friday, which we already knew at that point. I explained our cancellation policy again, then you started arguing with me, demanding the refund. Apparently, you must have forgotten our phone conversation when you paid a $100 deposit. Maybe it was the language barrier. What do you think the point of taking a deposit, if we kept refunding it every time clients no-showed? Apparently, you did not understand that concept. Rather than arguing with you on the phone, I tried to accommodate your request by letting you come that afternoon. I had to stay late in order to accommodate your appointment.

Let me tell you what happened on Friday when you decided to no-show. It was a 2-hour appointment you booked. I couldn't do anything during the 2 hours because I wasn't sure if you'd show up late or not. I had to simply wait for you. I could not call other clients on my waiting list because there was not enough time for them to come in. I wasted 2 hours waiting around, wasting other wait listed clients' time, since they could not come in, either. During those 2 hours while I was sitting around, I did not make any money. In order to make money, I have to book clients and they have to show up. I don't know about you, but I have bills to pay. And I have to count on my clients show up on time.

I'm grateful that you do not represent majority of my clients. Most of my clients respect my time, and in return, I respect their time. I'm not trying to make you understand, since you have no respect of other people's time. I hope you will understand someday, though.

Yours beautifully,


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